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About Us 

And Why We're Different

We worry about your future, but we work in today.  We help you keep up so you can continue to compete.

We fight fires.  We work in the trenches, we have been there.  We are seasoned business and technology experts.  We don't have junior staffers.

We work in the present tense.  Executives face and urgent crisis every day that causes them to postpone important things.  We thrive on urgent crisis so you can manage the important.

We identify the underlying factors that are causing you today's grief.  A problem well-defined is half solved.  We pinpoint the assets you have in place that can be used to quench the fires.

Our approach works.  We get immersed in your world and we become members of your team.

Read about our Consultants and how they have risen in their careers by managing the present.

Read our Perspectives and "Think Pieces."  That's where we have fun looking at the future, by understanding the present.

Read about the Problems We've Solved.





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