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We give our customers the best value; a competitive advantage, and the proper solution for now and the future.  Our consultants combine a practical understanding of numerous technologies with business expertise, to build great infrastructures.

By thorough analysis of potential technological products, overlaid on business requirements, and filtered through years of expertise building some of the largest and most complex solutions in the world, we provide top value to every client.

Perfection, the exact solution the client requires, delivered on time and within budget, is the standard we set, and have achieved without exception. 

Call Centers and Contact Center Transformation

Our "Call Center Satisfaction" model goes well beyond cost reduction.  It improves employee motivation and performance, aligns technology tools and customer service with business objectives, and develops a meaningful competitive edge because of increased customer loyalty.

We have extensive experience with Call Centers and their transformation into multi-channel interaction centers.  We define your needs, design the solution, and make sure it works.  


We have an outstanding track record for introducing new companies and products, both big and small.  We know how to evaluate market opportunity, define messaging, positioning, and branding, and create winning marketing programs.

Our "Big Simple Marketing Plan" is a time tested model for successful product launches and re-evaluation of existing brands. It will assure you that your product is positioned correctly for the maximum competitive advantage, that there is in place a plan to identify and persuade your customers, and that the management has the know how to succeed.

Sales and Sales Effectiveness Training

Extensive Sales and Business Development experience provide clients with real-world methods for selling.

Sales success is the result of understanding Sales, and hard work, not personality tests, altering the approach depending on the person with whom a salesperson interacts, or various other Rorschach type tests.

Our approach is direct, focused, and typically aimed at teaching people effective ways of generating leads, creating relationships, crafting the deal, and closing the business.

The goal with each client is to facilitate the development of the most effective approach or solution in order to build the client's understanding, ownership, and long-term commitment. It's not about the consultant's expertise, it's about the consultant using his expertise to encourage others to think differently, to reflect, and to succeed. 

Business Process and Performance Improvement

Business Process and Performance Improvement addresses your need to achieve new levels of financial and operational effectiveness.  Our consultants can restructure your processes, introduce updated or new automation technologies, and maximize efficiency.


We have experience in taking companies from the brink of bankruptcy to their initial public offering 

Human Resources

Our goal is the enhancement of your overall business results. We focus on helping you make your most important asset, your people, the best, with the highest possible return on your investment. Our expertise includes employee selection, attraction/retention, compensation and benefits, "engagement", surveys, and focus groups.

Adult Learning/Training

By combining sound instructional principles with creative elements and technological expertise, we engage and motivate learners. Whether it's through instructor-led training, web/multimedia solutions, live web conferences, or other supplemental materials, we deliver true value to any business seeking to leverage the full potential of their most valuable asset, their employees. 




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