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Human Resources Expertise

There is a direct connection between effective Human Resources practices and business success.  Effective HR practices are a hallmark at businesses that are more profitable, successful, and leaders in their industries.  

Our goal is the enhancement of your overall business results. We focus on helping you make your most important asset (your people) the best, with the highest possible return on your investment. Studies have shown that 20 - 40 percent of a company’s total value is attributable to its human capital, and practices. (Information provided by Human Capital Group)

We focus on eight different Human Resources areas. 


bulletEmployee Selection - Hire the right people the first time to reduce the cost of turnover
bulletImplementation of compliant interviewing practices
bulletProfile/Screening - Assure a cultural fit between employees and the candidate
bulletAnalyze turnover costs - Provide recommendations to assure low turnover rate
bullet“On-boarding” Process for new employees

 Employee Retention 

bulletBest Practices - Keep your best employees happy and motivated
bulletEmployee Engagement Measurements and Retention Strategies
bulletKey Employee Insurance
bulletCompensation - Studies, strategies, and recommendations
bulletEmployee Incentive Programs

Performance Management 

bulletEmployee Expectations
bulletDefinition of job responsibilities and job descriptions 
bulletPerformance Reviews 

Benefits Design

bulletBest Benefits - Proper mix at the proper price to attract and retain good employees
bulletStatements of Benefits
bulletEmployee access to benefit levels (i.e. time off accrued, health coverage, cobra, FMLA, and company announcements)

Compliance Issues

bulletProper reporting to Government and employees 
bulletHarassment Policy - Training of staff in case of a claim
bulletPolicies and Procedures - For e-mail, web surfing, and conflict in the work place, etc. 

Organizational Development

bulletProgressive Discipline Policy

Reviewed recently and regularly


Employee termination procedures

bulletSuccession Plan - In the case of closely held businesses
bulletExpansion Plans incorporating HR - Especially through mergers and/or acquisitions

Training and Development

bulletEmployee and Management Training Strategy and associated actions/plans
bulletStrategic mapping of training schedule and results


bulletWorkforce – Employee polling for views of management, work environment, their jobs, benefits, company culture, etc.
bulletCustomer Perception – Surveying customers and their rating of the company and its employees




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