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Sales, The Enterprise, and the Four Truths

Without sales, a company is in trouble, and inter-departmental buck-passing is no help. With an understanding of inhibitors to sales, companies can take action to remove inhibitors and improve performance throughout the organization. Everyone, in every department, should have an interest in sales. The author provides an approach where problems are identified, "virtual walls" are broken down, the desired state (increased sales) is defined and achieved, and company morale is improved.




Quality and the Enterprise

As organizations are driven to become more competitive by lowering the cost of operations, Quality is coming back into fashion. Some organizations are latching their wagons to Six Sigma or Baldrige. Others are renewing their emphasis on the basics by bringing their systems into compliance with ISO 9001:2000. Ideally, the business process focus of ISO 9001:2000 provides companies the opportunity to align their quality systems with their operations. But to be successful, the quality system cannot simply be a "book on the shelf" to be studied just prior to the registrar's visit. The quality system must be the way things get done all the time.




Improving Telecom/IT Project Management Results:  

Stop Managing Timelines and Start Managing People

Most Telecom/IT projects begin the same way.  A project manager is assigned, budget is allocated, people resources are secured, equipment and software are purchased, and a Microsoft Project Plan (or similar) is built.  From there, the difference between a successful project (meaning one that is delivered on time and on or under budget) and an unsuccessful one is often a complete mystery.  Why do some massively complex projects succeed while other relatively simple projects fail miserably?  






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