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Major U.S. Mortgage Company
The Problem:
The customer’s telecommunications organization supported a number of geographically dispersed call centers, each with specific functions. The department lacked the expertise to define and implement improvements and technology upgrades required for the centers to remain responsive and/or competitive.

The Solutions: Business Essentials & Associates provided the required expertise and led the effort from start to finish for multiple and successive engagements:

BE&A re-architected the telecommunications infrastructure for the customer’s US inbound and outbound call center and tightened the linkages with their offshore center. This complete restructuring resulted in the upgrade and/or installation of 19 network/system solutions in 38 weeks. The result is vastly improved customer service, employee efficiency and performance.  The center's industry rating climbed from the mid 40's to number 4.

BE&A transformed a retail inbound call center into a multi-channel interaction center with the selection, design, and installation of a new ACD system. This resulted in improved call handling time, abandon rates, and email response times, provided equal agent compensation opportunity, and improved customer satisfaction.

BE&A leveraged the new retail call center system to the IT Help Desk and External Partner Help Desk and integrated the system with Remedy. By utilizing existing hardware, software, and internal support expertise, the customer saved approximately $200K.  BE&A also assisted the client in obtaining corporate funding approval.

BE&A developed and implemented an upgraded dialer solution for the outbound collections center. The replacement of an old and end-of-life system allowed the customer to increase and refine outbound campaigns and improve center reporting.

Additional items discovered and corrected during the course of these engagements included errors in telecommunications bills that saved the client $120K during the vendor contract period and errors in network design that saved the customer $240K per year.


Tier One Telecommunications Carrier

The Problem: The customer was responsible for a number of product launches as well as a sizable annual revenue target.  The launches were stalled and revenue attainment was in jeopardy.

The Solution: Business Essentials led the development and creation of a Wholesale Services group, culminating in the launch of two new products:  International Voice Service and Undersea Cable Backhaul (from Japan-US, and China-US cables). BE&A organized product teams to conduct competitive analysis, design billing systems, develop pricing models and contracts, sales, and build out of services.  The successful rollout and resulting product sales retired 15% of the company’s annual revenue commitment.


Worldwide Manufacturing Company

The Problem: The manufacturer was scheduled to roll-out new global, enterprise-wide sales, manufacturing, ordering, and tracking system in two weeks.  Five thousand employees needed to be trained and prepared for the flash cutover of the new system.  The initial project charter neglected to address training and without it, manufacturing could come to a grinding halt and severely cripple the business.

The Solution: Business Essentials quickly developed a training architecture and a training course which included on-line training, self paced training, and a train-the-trainer program, in five different languages.  The system went live, people were prepared, and immediate gains in productivity and access to orders were realized.



Biotech Company

The Problem: The client was committed to enabling its large and mobile workforce with new hand held devices.  The rollout was scheduled, executive expectations primed, but the delivery was in jeopardy because the new in-house ordering system was defective and wreaking internal havoc up and down the management chain.

The Solution: Business Essentials undertook both the fix of the new ordering system, which handled all types of office equipment fulfillment, as well as the hand-held device project.  For the ordering system, the consultant engaged a team of internal software programmers and QA personnel and led them through the identification of issues and bug fixes. The consultant also fielded complaints from executive management and developed interim work-arounds to shield them (and IT management) from further aggravation.  At the same time, the consultant led the project team in provisioning and delivering mobility devices.  The consultant kept both projects on track and the mobility project was completed on schedule.



Start Up Company

The Problem: The company had a good product and a growing sales force that was having difficulty finding customers and closing business.  Revenues were languishing, making much needed investment capital difficult to obtain.

The Solution: Business Essentials engaged the company’s executive management team, the sales force, and all back office staff in intensive sales effectiveness training and provided ongoing and daily coaching.  The consultant also worked closely with the marketing team to produce realistic and achievable sales metrics, forecasts, and performance measurements.  These efforts resulted in a renewed sales effort, closed sales, and a pending infusion of additional capital.



Multiple Start Up Companies - Voice Response Company, Global ISP, and IP Engineering Professional Services Company
The Problem: All three companies lacked marketing leadership required to establish brand/company awareness, to effectively target market, and to generate sales and revenue.

The Solution: The consultant undertook the role of VP of Marketing in all three organizations.


Voice Response Company - Identified market applications for the product, and developed initial targets, go-to-market strategy, messaging, and email campaign. Participated in venture capital funding activities.

Global ISP – Developed Undersea Cable Backhaul product in Japan. Directly participated in sales efforts and presentations. Defined and executed global marketing plan.

IP Engineering Company – Defined and executed marketing plan, initiated PR campaign, conducted analyst presentations, developed website, conducted competitive analysis, and directed multiple international lead generation campaigns. Presented regularly to the Board of Directors, Investors, and Angels. 





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